An integrative training management solution for your industry.

Core Academy enables companies to build and deliver specialized industrial training in a virtual environment.

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How it works
The Core Academy Partner Model

Core Academy is an online platform where different industries can create and manage specialized training programs and related documentation.

Core Academy is accessible only via a Partner Model:

Build the training content

Partners selected by Core Academy build custom training materials using proprietary software and advise Companies on how to consume their training on the platform. Partners function as the resellers of Core Academy but may also serve to manage a Company's training activities under certain circumstances.

Have specific training requirements

Companies are customers of Partners. Companies have employees (Trainees) organized into "Crews" to which courses are assigned. The courses are developed by Partners for companies to ensure that all trainees meet in-house health, safety, and/or operational requirements. Companies access the platform directly or via their Partner.

Complete the training

Trainees log into the Core Academy platform directly to complete the courses assigned to them by their Companies. Courses will typically contain an online theory component, formal test of aptitude, and in some cases a practical evalation in the field or workplace. The platform is self-serve, compatible with all modern web browsers, and accessible on any desktop or mobile device.

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Partner Profile:
Vor Training

Vor Training is located in Canadian Province of Ontario and is active within the surface mining industry. Vor Training has developed an online curriculum designated Common Core for Surface Miner. This modular program covers all entry level safety and awareness training requirements as well as general use and maintenace standards for heavy equipment and machinery for workers in surface mines. There are currently more than 10,000 such mines operating in the province and all workers are required by law to complete this training.

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